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Oring Networking - City Surveillance


Improve City Safety with ORing's Advanced Network Technologies

To help the law enforcement fight against criminal activities and to help the emergency personnel respond swiftly to emergency situations, city surveillance is an indispensible part of modern city. With the rapid digitization of video surveillance systems, video quality has vastly improved with capability of long distance transmission without quality degradation. However, in relaying such critical video information, the network connections involved need to stay uninterrupted in critical situations and to have and the toughest security features to guard against hacker attacks. For these purposes, ORing's PoE+, Gigabit and Optical Ethernet Switches would ensure continuous and well-protected surveillance video network traffic at all times. Additionally, secure industrial-grade ORing wireless APs can be used for venues where implementation of network cables would be difficult and/or costly.

Key Products

RGS-7168GCP RGS-7168GCP (#08167)
24-port rack-mount managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch
• 16xGigabit combo ports and 8xGigabit SFP ports
• IP-based bandwidth management; application-based QoS/ DoS/ DDoS auto prevention
• Windows utility (Open-Vision v3.0) configuration
• Support ACL, 802.1x User Authentication for security and 9K Bytes Jumbo frame
• -40° to 70°C operating temperature range
IPS-3082GC IPS-3082GC (#06881)
10-port managed PoE Ethernet Switch
• 8x10/100Base-T(X) PoE(P.S.E.) ports and 2xGigabit combo port
• 8 port P.S.E. fully compliant with IEEE802.3af standard; provides up to 15.4 Watts per port
• Rigid IP-30 housing design, -40° to 70°C operating temperature range


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