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Oring Networking - Renewable Energy


Featuring Reliable Performance with Non-Stop Connectivity

With global warming, green energy development and energy conservation have become the global trend. ORing, with industry-leading expertise of industrial networking, has significantly contributed to this green movement by helping PV solar electricity and wind electricity power plants to set up complete industrial-grade long-range Ethernet communication systems for green power production surveillance. Certified by rigorous industrial-grade tests, ORing products can withstand tough outdoor conditions while providing outstanding network performance reliably at all times, ensuring stable and uninterrupted data transmission of real-time information to and from the control center. Also, industrial Ethernet networks are easily expandable without sacrificing ruggedness, saving time and cost in the long run. Together with many governments and corporations, ORing is helping the world in the fight against global warming.

Key Products

IDS-5042 IDS-5042 (#06577)
4-serial-port Device Server
• Virtual Com, Serial Tunnel, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Operating Modes
• Security: SSL data encryption, HTTPS SSH management, IP white list access
• Configurable by Web-based and Windows utility (DS-Tool)
IES-2042PA IES-2042PA (#08162)
6-port slim type lite-managed Ethernet switch
• 4x10/100Base-T(X) and 2x100Base-FX, SFP socket
• Event notification through Syslog, Email, SNMP trap and relay
• Rigid IP-30 housing design, -40° to 70°C operating temperature range
IES-3073GC IES-3073GC (#07636)
10-port managed Ethernet Switch
• 7x10/100Base-T(X) ports and 3xGigabit combo ports
• Rigid IP-30 housing design, -40° to 70°C operating temperature range
• Port lock to prevent access from unauthorized MAC address
RGS-7168GCP RGS-7168GCP (#08167)
24-port rack-mount managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch
• 16xGigabit combo ports and 8xGigabit SFP ports
• IP-based bandwidth management; application-based QoS/ DoS/ DDoS auto prevention
• Windows utility (Open-Vision v3.0) configuration
• Support ACL, 802.1x User Authentication for security and 9K Bytes Jumbo frame
• -40° to 70°C operating temperature range


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